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We provide our customers with the finest pure Kona coffee and gourmet decaf coffee in the world. We grow and process our 100% Kona coffee all the way to roast, and offer it in Hawaiian gift baskets or just the Kona coffee on its own. We believe our roasted Kona coffee is the finest Hawaiian Kona coffee you will ever taste, whether you choose our regular or decaffeinated coffee.

For example, our dark roasted French Roast coffee is robust and sweet with a smooth taste and no bitterness. Our full City Roast is the “Classic Kona Coffee” with great smoothness and medium body. Our Medium roast is very smooth also, with a sparkle in the cup and a very nice finish. We may be a bit biased, but we have tasted a lot of very good Hawaiian coffee. From our farms in Hawaii, coffee is more than just a hot morning beverage, it is a life experience.

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Makapueo Farms Mission Statement

To preserve and protect our ‘AINA, that which we borrow from our KEIKI’S.

To provide fair profit for coffee producers and a rewarding place to work for our employees.

To provide our producers with all of the necessary support to make them successful. Through ongoing agricultural testing to increase crop yield through the use of more available natural and organic products.

To provide educational resources and products to reduce and eventually eliminate the damages to our environment cause by the use of synthetic products while maintaining above average crop yields.

To become a world leader in premium-quality coffee manufacturing and to be the largest U.S. supplier of 100% KONA COFFEE products. 100% Of our coffee is grown, harvested, and processed specially for coffee shops, roasters, retail operators, and private label coffee packagers right here in the United States. Our premium coffee beans are the uniform source of our high-quality products.