The “Finest Gourmet Coffee In The World”


Makapueo Farms began as a legacy of Patricia Leola Young, a third-generation coffee farmer. Makapueo Farms is a small Hawaiian family-owned and operated business. In 2005 Patricia’s son Kaipo Sheen took over the company at which time had 5 acres producing approximately a few hundred pounds of raw coffee cherry per year. Some of which were sold to local processors and a few pounds of roasted sold at local farmer’s markets. Since then Makapueo Farms has partnered up with over 40 coffee estate farms, established uniformity in maintenance, care and fertilizing, harvesting, and processing to assure repeatable high quality 100% Kona coffee for the world to enjoy. As of 2016 Makapueo Farms currently manages and processes coffee from over 200 acres, producing an annual harvest well over a million pounds. of raw cherry, and exporting thousands of pounds. of certified green beans globally.

To assure the finest quality coffee available Makapueo Farms controls every aspect of our operation from the nursery and developing our orchards, to planting, irrigating, and raising our coffee trees. We have a dedicated orchard maintenance team that works rigorously rain or shine to make sure every one of our trees is taken care of perfectly. We harvest every single bean from our trees by hand to assure that we only get the perfectly ripe red beans for processing. Makapueo uses a wet processing method to bring out the finer characteristics and qualities of our coffee we then dry our coffee on a dry deck and use low-temperature pre dryers to slowly bring the coffee moisture levels down to the perfect moisture. After a brief settling period, we dry mill, sort, and grade all of our green beans to well surpass the strict requirements set forth by the US Department of Agriculture. Makapueo Farms supplies only the finest 100% Kona certified green and roasted coffee all over the world

In 2014 Makapueo Farms was presented the “Farmer of the Year” award from the US Department Of Agriculture for excellent work with soil, water, and energy-efficient management. Makapueo Farms takes great pride in being an American farmer. We are confident that you will love our products. After all, it is the finest coffee in America!

Mahalo Nui loa,

Kaipo Sheen, President