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Farm Management

Makapueo Farms Inc. is an agricultural management company based in South Kona. We offer services throughout North and South Kona. Our primary business is orchard management. We can do your farming, harvesting and marketing for you with our own labor, equipment, and materials.

In addition, our Company can provide a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Agricultural planning and crop selection.
  • Business plans and cash flow analysis.
  • Orchard, farm, development.
  • Marketing and market development.
  • Technical advice on plants, and soils.

Land Lease Programs

Design, install, repair, and maintain agricultural systems, to include irrigation systems, agricultural structures, fences, and other improvements. Makapueo Farms Inc. has its own equipment, skilled labor, and experienced supervision. The combination of services required by each customer will be unique to that individual or company. Terms, conditions, and cost of each project or agreement are completely customizable.

Or if you are completely over the farming scene:
Makapueo Farms will rent, Lease, or Sub-Lease all property that is cultivatable.
WOW! Farming with a guaranteed profit!

If you are interested in Makapueo Farms Management services, and or lease options
please call to schedule an appointment: